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Claim My Pension is the easiest way to apply for your Age Pension, and other Centrelink entitlements. There is no need to set up a myGov account, apply online or fill in confusing application forms. We draft, submit and manage your claim for you.


​During our 20 years working with Centrelink, we became increasingly concerned about the number of retirees and eligible applicants not having appropriate support or resources to claim and then retain their Centrelink entitlements successfully. 

We establishment Claim My Pension to ensure every eligible applicant had support to claim their pension. Claim My Pension is your one stop Centrelink support shop, specialising in new Centrelink applications, payment reviews, ongoing Centrelink support services and Aged Care administration services.

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We Draft, Submit & Manage Your Age Pension Claim For You

Centrelink Claim & Support & My Aged Care Administration 

Experienced, Personalised,
Trustworthy, Secure & Confidential

 We Are Australian Owned & Provide Services Australia-Wide


 What We Offer

Centrelink Claim 

We make claiming your pension easy. There is no need to apply online or fill in lengthy application forms because we do it all for you. Firstly, before we start you claim we check your eligibility, and if you are eligible, we help you collate the necessary documentation and information so we can start your claim for you, as soon as possible. Our process includes drafting and submitting your claim and then managing the entire claim process including dealing with Centrelink, for you. Once your claim is approved, we check to make sure you have been paid the correct amount and deal with rectification, if required. We always act in your best interest and keep you updated as your claim progresses. 

Fees start from $395 per claim

Centrelink Review

We help you maximise your pension. With our review service there is no need for you to contact a Centrelink call centre. Our review service is an audit of your Centrelink file. If we find that you are not receiving the maximum Age Pension or entitlement available to you, we act on your behalf to help you get more. We always act with discretion and in your best interest to ensure you are paid the maximum payment available to you.  

Fees start from $330 per review

Centrelink Support

Giving your freedom in retirement. With our Centrelink Support Service, there is no need for you to worry about having to deal with Centrelink because we deal with them for you. We act on your behalf and always in your best interest.

We become your Centrelink Advocate / Representative and deal with all of your ongoing Centrelink obligations, information requests, income reporting, and correspondence. We can help you retain the maximum Centrelink entitlements available to you.

Fees start from $330 per annum

Aged Care Administration Service

When your circumstances change we deal with Centrelink and My Aged Care on your behalf to ensure your Centrelink account/s and My Aged care account/s are updated, your pensions are maximised, your aged care fees are minimised, and you are supported.

Fees start from $495


What Do You Get?

We draft, submit and manage your claim, then 

deal with Centrelink for you until claim is approved 

Australia wide Centrelink support and Aged

Care Administration Services  

No more forms - we offer a streamlined claims process using secure technology  

Help available for all eligible claimants of Centrelink & Aged Care  

We are Age Pension Specialists who manage the entire claim process for you

Why Use Claim My Pension?

20 year's Centrelink & Aged Care experience, from within the financial planning profession

Client focused business, providing Centrelink Support Services & Aged Care administration services

Established to help eligible applicants claim their Age Pension & other Centrelink entitlements

Using our Centrelink technical expertise to help claim entitlements sooner

We simplify the claim process & make it as seamless as possible

We are a fully insured professional service provider, giving you peace of mind


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"A daunting task resolved within 3 weeks - from go to done. After my initial contact, they had completed and submitted my claim and I had my PCC card and pension payments commenced. I would also use their services of "Review and Support" as required without hesitation. We are talking streamlined and totally done with rapid results."


"A doubter initially, this business seemed too good to be true. Someone who would do all the Centrelink work for us? Well, it's TRUE, and what a gift it has been. I can't thank them enough for taking away the stress and confusion for my husband Jon and I. I would give them 10 stars if I could."


"Our consultant was very responsive and helpful during a very stressful time for us. We are absolutely delighted with the outcome achieved given our situation. Not having to deal with bureaucracy directly made it so much easier. We would recommend CMP services without any reservation given the professional and timely services provided. Thank you, CMP."