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I can't say enough good things about the team at Claim My Pension. I tried to go through the application process and it was so confusing and difficult that I just kept putting it away and putting off claiming. Then one day........up popped a post on FB and after a bit of mulling it over, called. The best call I have ever made. Craig was in touch within hours and after a really simple process, the application was finished and lodged. His understanding of the system and processes was invaluable and everything was completed and approved in, what I think, record time. Now I can focus on the next stage of my journey without worrying about getting claims finished. Thank you so much for all your assistance.

After reading many positive reviews I contacted Craig at Claim my Pension to help with my claim. The whole procedure was handled by Craig swiftly and professionally and approved by Centrelink within 8 days! Craig's knowledge of the systems and procedures were invaluable in the whole process. I would not hesitate to recommend Claim my Pension for any service they offer. Thanks Craig, from one very grateful pensioner! Janice

I really can’t recommend ‘Claim My Pension’ enough. My wife and I have always wondered if we could claim an Aged Pension but it all looked a little too hard. We both receive an Occupational and Aged Pension from the UK and what with exchange rates and what looked like an onerous application form, we gave up.
After noticing the Claim My Pension post on Facebook, we decided to drop them an email and basically took the view that ‘nothing ventured would be nothing gained’. I wrote an email on a Saturday, had a reply from Craig on the Sunday and we were discussing a way forward on Monday. Craig was positive throughout and encouraged me to apply, I sent him the necessary paperwork and by the end of the week and after a few messages between us, our claim was lodged. We are now only 10 days on after my initial email and sitting with a successful claim and our first pension payment due on July 3rd. This is a first class and friendly service at a very reasonable cost, which of coarse a successful claim covers very quickly.

I really can’t thank them enough for the stress free application and very agreeable outcome.

Steve and Debbie


My partner came across “Claim My Pension” on Facebook as he approached pension age and dreaded the idea of applying for Government assistance. He had heard through family and friends that the process was a nightmare; lengthy and confusing, with tons of paperwork to gather and fill out, back and forth to Centrelink etc...
However, from the moment he got in touch with Craig, the whole process became reassuring, smooth and quite honestly a breeze! You still have to fill out tons of paperwork but with the help of Craig, it was simplified and again reassuring to know we were on the right track.

Craig was patient, helpful, friendly and very responsive and professional in his dealings with us. He also helped me register with Centrelink for Jobseeker, but then re-directed me to JobKeeper (which I would not have pick up on, being a sole trader).

I sincerely recommend “Claim My Pension” for peace of mind and a fast, efficient and stress-free way to apply for your pension.

Thank you Craig.

Caroline and Barry

What Others Are Saying About Us

I went with Claim My Pension prior to turning 66. They did everything, all I had to do was sign the paperwork. It took 3 to 4 weeks for approval and when I turned 66 my payments commenced. Great people and thoroughly recommend them.

- Rob

"The best thing I have done in ages. I left all the info with Claim My Pension who did all the work with Centrelink and I have now received the pension. I cannot thank them enough and I recommend Claim My Pension, thank you."

- Johnny

"Thank you Claim My Pension. What I expected to be a daunting task was made straightforward and easy with a great outcome. Most particularly, thank you for handling interactions with Centrelink and keeping me informed throughout."

- Paul