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JobSeeker Support is not only available to low income earners

Updated: May 26, 2023

JobSeeker Support is not only available to low income earners - it’s also available for people on moderate incomes too:

For example, a couple with income of $50,000 per annum will still be able to get $238 per fortnight in JobSeeker payments and, they will also receive the extra $550 a fortnight coronavirus payments.

Additionally, here’s an update and some insight into the changes to JobKeeper and JobSeeker from end of September:

The changes that have been announced from late-September to JobKeeper and JobSeeker will mean that some people currently receiving JobKeeper may actually be facing a reduction in their JobKeeper amount which may make them eligible for JobSeeker payments as well. If this happens, you can lodge a claim for JobSeeker right now (as it is within the 13 week claim window) before those changes happen. What that means is, if you are going to be affected by the JobKeeper reductions, you can lodge a JobSeeker application now, giving you plenty of time to prepare and square away the things that you need to provide to Centrelink prior to those changes and your prospective JobSeeker payment. Things like verifying ID and providing Centrelink with supporting documentation such as bank statements in advance so that you can then be paid JobSeeker at the earliest date once those changes kick in. As always, if you need help applying for JobSeeker or other Centrelink entitlements, please get in touch

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