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Returning to Australia to retire? Australian Age Pension

Updated: May 26, 2023

Case Study - Claim My Pension - Claim Service

Name: Bill and Jenny Age: 66

Homeowner: No

Marital Status: Couple

Assessable Assets: $500,000 – Bank accounts

Working: No

Their Challenge: Applying for the Australian Age Pension after living overseas for many years

Likes: Reading, Music, Yoga Dislikes: Waiting In Queues, Centrelink, Stress

How Claim My Pension helps: Bill and Jenny have lived and worked in various countries over the last 20 years. They have now reached pension age and have retired back in their native Australia. They are currently renting a property but may buy in the near future. They have bank accounts in a few countries including Australia. They want to apply for the Australian age pension but have found it difficult to get information about whether they qualify. They engage Claim My Pension Claim Service to check eligibility. Once eligibility is confirmed, we help them prepare for their claims. We then submit their claims on their behalf and manage the claim process until the claims are completed. By using Claim My Pension Claim Service to apply for the Age Pension, their claim is stress free and seamless and best of all they avoid waiting in queues, making multiple phone calls and visits to Centrelink offices.

Australian Age Pension

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