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Centrelink Claim

From $395

The Path to Success

We check your eligibility and help you collate the necessary documentation and information so we can start your claim as soon as possible. We manage the entire claim process from start to finish until your first payment is paid by Centrelink. We use our Centrelink technical expertise to help you claim sooner.

Centrelink Review

From $330

A Comprehensive Approach

Centrelink Support

$330 per annum

Expert Guidance

As your Centrelink Guardian we can manage your Centrelink account on your behalf, helping you focus on your retirement and not Centrelink paperwork and compliance.

We take care of all of your ongoing Centrelink obligations and help you retain and maximise your Age Pension and other Centrelink entitlements. We take the stress away. Join us today.

If you are not receiving your full entitlement we may be able to help you get more. We check whether you are being paid the correct amount and update your Centrelink account so you get more pension sooner. We act on your behalf and use our expertise to help make a stressful experience as seamless as possible.

Peace of mind and support when needed

What Others Are Saying About Us

I went with Claim My Pension prior to turning 66. They did everything, all I had to do was sign the paperwork. It took 3 to 4 weeks for approval and when I turned 66 my payments commenced. Great people and thoroughly recommend them.

- Rob

"The best thing I have done in ages. I left all the info with Claim My Pension who did all the work with Centrelink and I have now received the pension. I cannot thank them enough and I recommend Claim My Pension, thank you."

- Johnny

"Thank you Claim My Pension. What I expected to be a daunting task was made straightforward and easy with a great outcome. Most particularly, thank you for handling interactions with Centrelink and keeping me informed throughout."

- Paul